Monkey 2 V1.0.0 now available!


It’s been a while coming, but monkey 2 v1.0.0 is now up at github and available as a prebuilt binary (Windows only sorry) from the new files page here:!

Pleae note that although this is a ‘version 1 release’ it is by no means the end of anything. It’s really just a snapshot of where things stand, but with the added security of knowing that I’m not gonna ‘break’ anything any time soon (some stuff *will* inevitably be deprecated over time though). To this end, quite a bit of stuff I’m not too sure about has been left out of the docs. Feel free to play around with anything – and most of it will likely stay in some form or another – but generally speaking, only the stuff that is docced is guaranteed to keep working the way it does.

Monkey2 now also includes Ted2 – a minimal ‘IDE’ designed mainly so users have *something* to build monkey 2 apps with, and on any platform they can build monkey 2 for. If you find Ted2 a touch *too* minimal, you can still use  Ted from monkey1, or perhaps try out weibow’s Sublime text 3 package – more info here: I’m sure more add-ons for other editors will happen over time too.

I do plan to continue development of Ted2 – there’s a pretty cool potential gui module lurking in there, and I still love the idea of being able to host any future potential ‘maplet2’ style tools in a common IDE.  But I did probably bite off a bit more than I could chew taking on a GUI/IDE, given I’m also responsible for the language, modules, documentation, website etc. Yet…I still like the fact that mx2 is (finally) a ‘self contained’ product, and you can just download it and use it without any stuffing around!

Ted2 also includes a simple debugger, along the lines of the b3d, bmx and mx1 debuggers. Again, nothing too flash – there’s ‘pause’, ‘step’, ‘step-in’ and ‘step-out’ (although you still need to manually add DebugStop’s to the code, and no debugging of globals yet sorry) but it’s still a huge improvement on ‘print’ style debugging (although that’s often useful!). I do think the ultimate solution to a debugger is probably a ‘gdb parser’ style thing, but that’s a relatively big job that I’m not up to undertaking just yet. There’s also plenty I can improve on with the current system anyway.

Finally, the docs are still a little rough around the edges. I will keep hacking away at them, but there’s still a fair bit to do and I didn’t want to hold up a ‘release version’ release any longer.

I’ll be making another post soon concerning ‘what’s next’ (getting mx2 working on emscripten/android/ios are high priority though) but right now I’m off for a long relaxing bath!



15 thoughts to “Monkey 2 V1.0.0 now available!”

  1. Looking great Mark!  Liking the dark Ted theme – seems to be the go nowadays! Can’t wait to try out the debugger – just in time!

    Oooh – Liking the New file templates in Ted!


  2. Downloading for play later, but well done on achieving this important milestone!



  3. There’s actually a “light” theme in there too – see bin/ted2.config.json

    AND you can change the font size! Woohoo! Would love to have done more on Ted2, but priorities etc…


  4. Yeah had a little play with font sizes etc. The debugger was the biggie for me so all good!


  5. “Liking the dark Ted theme”

    I love it and the default colors for text are bang on for me. Nice! Ted2 is looking sweet and I like what I see so far.


  6. Awesome and massive congratulations on v1.0!

    I have some holiday time coming up in August so I look forward to having a play.

    I downloaded and tried some of the nana’s, everything compiles very fast!

    Ted2 also seems very nice. I would suggest the two following tweaks:

    – Dont need to add (Windows) to the exe name
    – Need to have whole word skipping when ctrl +left or ctrl + right


  7. Will compile times improve?
    I’m on an SSD drive and 8 cores CPU and compiling takes longer than in BlitzMax.

    I also noticed that compiled EXEs on Windows are 32bit, will they eventually be 64bit?


  8. Works great on OSX as well.

    I was actually impressed by how smooth TED is.
    As skn3 said, shortcuts would be great, but I would rank this lower in priority to the actual language + docs.