Little update….


Just a little update to let everyone know I’m still here!

I’ve been working furiously on the v1.0 release and things are progressing nicely.

Mojo2 has been massively cleaned up and mx2-ified but should still remain largely recognizable to mx1 mojo2 users. Still no lighting or shadows, but all the basics are in including render-to-image.

I’ve dropped the ‘DrawList’ class entirely – well, more precisely, it’s been merged into Canvas (which ended up pretty much empty after I ripped out all the lighting/shadow ‘hooks’ used by Renderer).  The old Canvas extended DrawList anyway so most users wont see any major difference.

You’ll still be able to use a canvas as a drawlist though (hopefully sometime later today). By default, canvas works in a sort of retained mode, batching up all drawing calls and building vertexbuffer data for when you call ‘Render’, so it will be possible to ‘draw’ one canvas’ draw ops to another. I may eventually add an immediate mode that causes the canvas to flush itself automatically when renderstate changes (and perhaps when some threshhold of vertices has been reached) but the general idea is for it work the same either way – but with lighting/shadows in retained mode.

It’s tempting to add proper deferred rendering, so only shadowcasters need to be retained, but I’d also need to add fallbacks to the current system for crappier HW, so that will just have to wait if I’m to get V1.0 out sometime in the near future! Besides, maybe this stuff is better left for a future 3d module.

Finally, I do plan to get some of this up on github before V1.0 so people can play around with it a bit. I realize there haven’t been many updates recently, but things are definitely happening behind the scenes!