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    Hi all, I’ve just learned the basics of Git (beyond ‘clone’!) and uploaded my very-much work-in-progress game here:

    Super Thrusting Game

    Collect gems and escape with the orb through the portal to next level!

    There are 6 or 7 semi-random levels (nice colours, basically), followed by infinite random levels (horrific colours).

    Last gem spawns the orb at present, try collect near top of orb — to be fixed to spawn on pickup point.

    It’s only intended to allow me to explore Monkey2/mojo3d, is super-hard to control (recommend Xbox pad if you have one) and the camera definitely needs work. (Improvements welcome! It basically works as I want but is tricky in close-up situations.)

    Uses mojo3d, physics, various language features.





    For what it’s worth, lots of updates!

    Super Thrusting Game

    A lot less ashamed of the code right now, at least… for the most part…

    Main plan is to a) implement PAUSE (scared of this because I’m not sure how the physics engine will handle it!), and b) allow clicking of in-game objects to spawn text about where they’re implemented and how.

    Current Windows 64-bit build here…




    There’s not really much I can comment on that you’ve already covered (like barfy camera when you get close to it)

    One thing I will say though; it’s sometimes hard to figure out where the “space gems” are.
    A pointer or some sort of radar would be a big help.

    And another thing I noticed!
    I have a 144hz monitor, that means games should ideally run at 144 FPS for me.
    Your game however seems limited to 72 FPS?
    How are you timing the frames?

    Also, why is there a “Halve Fule” button?! :O

    Other than that, good work!




    Thanks for having a look… the camera definitely struggles in close-up, but it’s surprisingly tricky to resolve.

    Yeah, I’ll be adding a gem map at some point, should be really easy.

    I’m only using the default timing setup, so the truth is… I don’t really know! As far as I’m aware, mojo would default to running the display at the monitor’s refresh rate while running physics at the default Bullet rate of 60 fps, but I could well be wrong about that. (Maybe mojo/mojo3d sets physics to also match the monitor rate?) Don’t know why it would be running at exactly half the monitor’s rate either… :/

    The halve-fuel thing was for testing of the low-fuel alarm, just forgot it’s still there. (Even when I could have made use of it earlier today, gah!)

    I’ve been adding a simple sound channel mixing system today but got myself all tangled up with some subtle errors and need to start again, so haven’t committed it…

    Hard-going for me, but this is probably the longest I’ve stuck at a single project! It’ll never be a great game, but I’m learning a lot and once it’s at least working fully I intend to document it to explain its workings, how it uses the language/engine features, etc.

    Thanks again.




    Just updated this, along with a binary release for Windows 64-bit.

    Done quite a lot since last post, chunky explosions with rocket parts being possibly the coolest. Some basic pixel shaders, too.

    Source code

    Windows 64-bit binary release

    The release doesn’t really mean anything in particular, still tons to be done/tweaked, just testing out GitHub’s release option.

    Try the shaders! (Contrary to notes below, use F-keys per the HUD.)

    NB. Undocumented Pause feature (key P) currently broken due to recent addition of delta-timing for non-physics stuff. Use R to reset!

    Recent-ish updates:




    Thanks for sharing!




    More work on this!

    Source code at:

    Win32 64-bit build at:

    Current gameplay is:

    Collect all Space Gems to spawn the Atomic Orb, which appears at your start point.

    Drop the orb in the Portal Lock (glass sphere) and head for the Space Portal (which will be near straight-up on first level, needs adjusting) — fly through to proceed to next level. (N to skip levels.)

    Refuel by landing on pads.

    Still lots of problems (frame timing on non-60 fps systems in particular), VR broken, all still very WIP!

    Use an Xbox pad if at all possible! Game will use the first one it finds attached.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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