Happy new year! And monkey2 v1.1.09 is out…

Just a quick note to say happy new year, and that Monkey2 v1.1.09 is now available for download. Nothing fancy, just a prebuilt version of the current state of monkey2. As always, you can also build the latest version of Monkey2 yourself from the source at github.

Here’s a quick summary of notable changes since v1.1.08:

Comments in bin/env_blah.txt files have changed. Comments must now span a whole line, and must begin with an apostrophe or hash. If you have modified your env files, make sure to remove any ‘inline’ comments, ie: comments that begin in the middile of a line somewhere. This change allows for apostrophes in env vars.

Added support for gltf2 binary files (ie: .glb files).

Added std.digest with MD5, SHA1, SHA256.

Added std.base64 with EncodeBase64 and DecodeBase64.

You can now create a DataBuffer with an existing memory block.

Merged mojo3d-physics into mojo3d.

Added “MOJO_MSAA_SAMPLES” for multisample antialiasing. On windows, need to set “MOJO_OPENGL_PROFILE” to “compatibility” too.

Added support for gltf2 animations/skins.

Added some more keycodes, eg: Key.ACBack.

Updated android studio to 3.0.1

Windows x64 support added! See MX2_ARCH_WINDOWS in env_windows.txt. Also, changed msvc tools to community editiion 2017

Use SetConfig( “MX2_MOJO_TEXTURE_MAX_ANISOTROPY”,n ) to set texture max anisotropy, 0 to 16.

Nuked mojo App.Config system in favor of a simpler ‘config setting’ system in std.filesystem. Set SetConfig/GetConfig.

gles20 module deprecated, use opengl module instead. gles20 may or may not still work, left it in there mainly for the BlahEx funcs that people were using – please copy these into your own project.

Note: env_target.txt files in bin have CHANGED! Make sure to update your old ones if you’ve changed them.

Added a TextureFlags param to Font.Load.

Cleaned up animator/animation. Added transition parameter to Animator.Animate.

Added SDL GameController class. Tweaked Joystick/GameController Open logic so devices can be added/removed more cleanly. See joystick and gamecontroller samples in bananas.

Added experimental selective reflection. Use ‘#Reflect namepsace_path’ to enable reflection for an entire namespace. Using same system as ‘Using’ ie: can end with ‘..’ to ‘reflect all’.