Early version of docs now up!


I spent most of my time this week making a start on the docs and creating a ‘docmaker’ system.

It’s early days yet (isn’t it always?) but you can check out the results here:


There are a few things I want to change around, but not many so I think considerable chunks of it are finally reaching a stable state!

My design skills still suck, but I think it looks pretty good. The treeview script needs some work but I’m OK with the general layout. It may not work too well on HDPI displays yet though.

I quite like the monkey silhouette ‘logo’ too. It’s pretty distinctive and the fact it’s a single color means it can be used with any colored background.

There’s some new code up on github too. There’s a new ‘makedocs’ script in /src that builds the docs. It currently only does monkey, libc and stc modules, but you can modify to do all modules by removing the params after ‘mx2cc makedocs’.



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