Welcome to the new Monkey 2 devblog!


I have decided to move the monkey2 development blog to wordpress, mainly so I can add forums to the blog but also with the expectation that this will eventually grow into a complete monkey 2 site.

I’m new to wordpress but have so far managed to avoid any coding what so ever! It’s all been click ‘n’ play which has been great, as I’m not a huge fan of php.

The site looks a bit rubbish right now, but the forums should at least work fine. There are only 3 forums right now – “Monkey 2 FAQs”, where I plan to add little bits and pieces of info from time to time (and will eventually give me something to copy and paste into the docs!), “Monkey 2 Development”, which will replace the current ‘monkey 2’ forum at monkey-x.com and a “General programming” forum. To post to the forums, you will need to register at this site. See the ‘register/login’ links at the bottom of this page.

And the nice thing about using wordpress is that it should be relatively easy for someone who actually knows what they’re doing to play with it a bit and make it look 100 times better. Which is another excuse/incentive for me not to play with anything under the hood…



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