XMAS Demo (V3)!

Hello and happy Christmas!

I have put together a little monkey2 ‘xmas demo’ – downloads here:

Windows: monkey2_xmas2015v2.exe

MacOs/Linux: monkey2_xmas2015v3.zip

The Windows release is a self extracting archive that should ‘just work’!

The MacOs/Linux release is source code only (the windows release includes source code) that will need to be built.

On MacOs, this means the ‘xcode command line tools’ will need to be installed and on Linux, it’s off to apt-get land. However, if you already have monkey1 (or blitzmax?) installed and working, you should be able to build monkey2 without any problems.

To rebuild the source code, you will need to open a shell, change dir to the monkey2/src dir, and enter ‘./rebuildall.sh’ After a time of wonderment, Ted2 should pop up and you’re good to go.

It’s still early days, but I’m kind of proud of this! There’s more info on what’s coming next etc inside the demo.

V2 now up

I’ve just uploaded a v2 that fixes a windows ‘mingw build’ issue that caused builds to fail, and a crash bug with ‘Open’ in Ted2.

Also, I may a few blind tweaks to the source version that may allow it to build on older versions of MacOS.

Known issues

  • Alt-Enter does freaky stuff on Windows – avoid!



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