Build System Update


In preparation for ‘makelibs’ I’ve spent the last few days rearranging the build system so each app gets it’s own build dir. Boring, fiddly stuff, but necessary.

I’m using a .build dir system similar to monkey1’s, with a subdir for each ‘profile’ that will contain the output app, and a build_cache dir for temporary link files, eg:

Some of this will eventually be configurable, via settings such as PRODUCT_DIR, PRODUCT_NAME etc.

A ‘profile’ in this case is just a combination of ‘build flags’, eg: target; debug/profile/release; static/dynamic etc. It’d also be nice to allow people to add custom profiles in addition to the built-in/default ones. Custom profiles would be to define and override compiler and linker options.

Already, just giving each app it’s own build dir is giving me a better idea of how monkey2 builds should perform in practice, and once the initial ‘build everything’ is done, it’s looking pretty good!

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