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    I know we’ve had spambots galore in the past, but in my opinion I think requiring Discord to join an online forum is keeping people away.   I’ve been lurking on bmax forums for years and years, a little active on monkey forums and now these forums, and I have yet to join a Discord server or even sign up for Discord.

    Is there another way to protect the forums?  Wondering what people think.


    Mark Sibly



    In all honesty, I have seriously been considering closing down the site. I was hoping monkey2 might become a self-sustaining thing but that doesn’t seem to be happening. And unfortunately, I just don’t have the time or energy myself to nudge things along, but really, if I need to do that by this stage perhaps it’s better to just let things go.

    I am still playing with ideas for wasm-monkey in my spare time, but that wont reallistically be a thing for a while yet. Even when it is, I think I’d rather see the community based somewhere more public, like a new (or the existing) discord channel, or a slack channel (same idea just a bit more useful) or a facebook page etc.

    I’ve also been considering hosting the code somewhere like’’ (cool site) which also has per-project forums, as does etc – there have gotta be a ton of places to do this that don’t entail building a website from scratch.





    Don’t be like that. I’m sure the community just needs a a push, you’ve come such a long way. I would hate to see all going to waste.

    I don’t have too much time either but I could try to do my part. Got an idea; I’ve been writing a book on programming for a few years now and if It helps I could use the Monkey programming language as the focus.

    It will focus also on Web and probably Node as back-end, and lot of work has been put into it already. It will be a serious one. Also It covers embedded programming and will have a authentic retro vibe but with a modern touch.

    The book could double as an easy-to-read reference for Monkey?

    Look, I’m sure you have many followers that are just waiting for the next step. You’ve always set a good standard. It’s a good idea to use other sites of course, but don’t give up now.




    Ugh, this is seriously horrible news!

    This is by far the best language I’ve ever used and I’m very deep into development of several projects. Please tell us you’re not pulling the plug on MX2!  I come here almost daily to see what’s new.  I agree that it sucks that there is a lack of activity on the forum, but give it some time!




    Be such a shame if it goes to waste!

    I’ve been looking at Godot more and more, just to have a backup option, and it’s getting more and more positive press, with many tipping it to take over the game industry. Might it be an idea to implement MX2 as one of its (compiled) scripting languages? It currently supports GDScript (interpreted) and I think C#, but I’m not that keen on either.

    Having an MX2 option would be really cool, and take away the need to support all the different platforms, libraries, etc — pure language.

    Of course, the ideal would be more of what we have, but it’s not looking like that’s particularly realistic, given real-world commitments!




    I don’t know how to build a sustaining community on the internet, but if maintaining the MX2 website takes away Mark’s time then maybe moving somewhere else more mainstream would be worth it?  Any spare time Mark does have for MX2 he can spend on the language.

    Hopefully MX2 can get more traction out there and continue. 




    I’m the one that redesigned the site and made the new logo.

    I put in a lot of work into monkeycoder, and would hate to see it go.

    I would expect a headsup from Mark, a good long time before that happened, but judging from his post above, I’m unsure of how much my hard work counts for anymore.

    I’m currently an admin, and can take care of most maintenance jobs, as long as Mark is ok with it.

    The main task is finding a nice way to approve new users, and I think we should experiment with reCAPTCHA  +some more active new admins.




    Hello! I haven’t been active on the forums in a while, and I’m not a big fan of LOLZ-MEME-GAMER-DISCORD heh.
    But I honestly wouldn’t be against Monkey 2 just being GitHub based.

    There’s GitHub Pages ( that sort of creates a basic homepage for any GitHub project.
    GitHub also has a Wiki for documentation and an issues section for… issues… and many other features.
    And there’s also Gitter ( that sort of works like Discord – but is actually made for developers (and not gamers) – and can automatically integrate itself with the Git repo.
    All without Mark having to do any extra work!

    The only thing I’d really miss, I think, is the code archive.
    But I honestly feel like a code archive should be a Ted2Go Git repo browser, instead of homepage based.
    Same with the module browser!

    Overall; I don’t think being GitHub based would be a bad idea.
    Because all the features we currently have and enjoy could still exist and be automated by GitHub.




    There is also for team/community communication.


    It is open source: and available for Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/iOS/Web




    My personal view is: some people do not like chat or live communication – or any direct communication. Forums provide and nice way to think and store things – provide feedback and code.




    Yup, count me in as one of those!

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