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Hi all! I really love MonkeyX, and that's the first thing I'd like to say. The second is I'll still using it as long as it exists.
Anyway, the 3rd thing is that it's been a long time since Mark's first post on this thread and I'd like to ask him if there's some estimated time about the 'Next up' section, since I'm really interested in Android NDK and Mojo2din3d (aka/ie Mojo with shaders), I don't know... some state of everything... I noticed that most of the updates are bug fixing, more or less twice a month... I guess it's because a big thing is coming (Next up?). I also think that a time estimation will even help to hold Monkey users that are thinking in change to another framework since there're no big changes, or in other words... it feels like MonkeyX is not growing up / evolving. Hope this doesn't bother you, Mark. Also hope you answer :)
Thanks for your work!