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Posted 1+ years ago #26

Good luck Skn3! This looks like an awesome tool and something I will definitely be using when its released!

Posted 1+ years ago #28
Paul - Taiphoz

I thought Kickstart didnt work for people in the UK ?

Posted 1+ years ago #29

They just opened to Uk projects at midnight tonight (last night).

Posted 1+ years ago #30
Paul - Taiphoz

ah sweet. nice one, well liked., tweeted and if and when im in a position , or have money in my paypal account you can count on a donation from me.

Posted 1+ years ago #31

Awesome thanks :D everything helps. Blog me if you feel like it? hah. I think in 40 days time once the campaign ends I will be well and truly dubbed a web pimp. Lol.

Posted 1+ years ago #33

It looks useful but a bit too expensive

Posted 1+ years ago #34

Hey shinkiro, appreciate the blog post and future backing :D positive words are very helpful in this process. Slenkar, for 25 you would be hard pushed to find tools to do this much. I think texture packer itself costs about 20.

Posted 1+ years ago #35

Did you post anywhere on the Kickstarter that it was made with Monkey? I read it and didn't notice it, but I may have missed it. Thought it would be some good advertising.

Posted 1+ years ago #36

I was thinking about the 80 for lifelong updates, but maybe it will be ok

Posted 1+ years ago #37
Paul - Taiphoz

He's coding it in blitzmax which I recall talking to him about it in Irc.

Posted 1+ years ago #38

Yeah made in blitzmax, maxgui and a large collection or custom modules. I am holding off doing any massive push on promotion for a few days and try and see if I can knock up a demo over the weekend. We shall see how I go :)

Posted 1+ years ago #39

I saw it on the Blitz forums too, but I thought it was Monkey for some reason. Maybe slip a mention somewhere in there, more adverts the better :)

Posted 1+ years ago #40

I'll definitely put something in Objecty saying that it was made in blitzmax :D

Posted 1+ years ago #41

Will there be a beta available for backers?
And how is the world editor progressing?

Posted 1+ years ago #42

Hey Shinkiro1,

I am currently pushing really hard to get a demo ready for everyone to try. If you checke the rewards on the kickstarter campaign you can get access to the beta forums which will give you beta updates.

The world editing stuff is purely prototype at the moment, I have a tilemap editor with prefab creation (you can see in a video up this thread) and a basic tilemap editor but that is as far as it goes for now. I don't want to limit this to just another tilemap level editor though so I do have some exciting plans for it.

So to cut a long story short, I am not pushing for the world editing to be in version 1.0, but it really depends on how well the kickstarter campaign is doing. At the moment it is very slow, but I am going to do some massive pushing next week :)

Posted 1+ years ago #43

btw slenkar I tweaked the pro version pricing :) Thanks for that, people seem to be going for it :D

Posted 1+ years ago #44

I support this, especially since it supports monkey :).